A Primavera e os jogos para crianças

Who loves spring? This season is the most beautiful and preferred by parents and children alike. With it come colourful landscapes, birds singing, flowers and their fragrance. This season is perfect for spring games, lots of fun and learning. With the educational toys from ambarscience children's contact with nature will be much more fun! These games for children are perfect for their development and stimulation of sensory skills. Read on and discover all the new products this spring for the little ones.


A live learning with Primavera


The first stimuli are essential in a child's development. In this first stage it is important for parents to encourage their children to connect with various elements of their everyday life. Thus, games for children are undoubtedly special for their evolution and interaction with the world around them. Ambarscience educational toys have a strong didactic component combined with cognitive, social and emotional development. Playing, running and interacting with other children or animals outdoors also awakens their curiosity and social interaction skills. It is essential that parents and children experience all that nature can provide them with spring games.

Children's games and contact with nature

A walk with the little ones through the park, in the garden or in the countryside is excellent for them to experience the pleasure of fun and play. Springtime games with colours, sounds and other movements boost their cognitive development and coordination. They also benefit from other abilities such as:
- Physical capacity: through educational toys it is possible to promote children's body knowledge, skill, and agility.
- Social interaction: a trip to the beach or the playground is great for stimulating exposure to different contacts and very propitious for the little ones to start group relations. In this way, games for children are essential to interact with each other and at the same time make new friends. Get the whole family together and explore all the spring games, kids will love them!
- Creativity: contact with nature is truly amazing and spring is the best season to unleash children's creativity. Without electronic devices, children can be more creative in their play.


Ambarscience toys enhance various skills and provide incredible moments of discovery, happiness and learning.

Spring Games and the 5 Senses

Children are very curious and like to explore every nook and cranny of nature. Awakening their five senses is essential for their development. Sensory stimuli such as hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste are favored in spring and allow unique sensations in each child. Through hearing, children perceive the sounds of nature in spring, enabling them to understand the sounds that surround them. Vision, on the other hand, promotes the perception of images through observation. Spring games are perfect for little ones to observe moments in the open air, the colours and the diversity of natural elements. In turn, activities that stimulate touch are responsible for the development of tactile stimuli. The different textures of flowers, tree trunks or animal body coverings allow the detection of different types of natural matter. In addition, the natural perfumes of the season reach children through particles in the air, developing their sense of smell. Finally, there is nothing better than stimulating through games for children by using their sense of taste. Spring is great for discovering the variety of seasonal fruits and very special flavours.

The interconnected experiences of all these stimuli in the spring provide the necessary tools for children to develop and strengthen their personality. Through educational toys they also benefit from family connections and social interactions that will consequently be reflected in the development of their intellect. With ambarscience you will find the best spring suggestions for fun and learning with family and friends.

Ambarscience belives that all skills should be explored at all stages of growth. Our educational toys allow development in areas such as: visual perception (Bouncing Putty), auditory (Xylophone), olfactory perception (Soap workshop), body mastery (Happy Fit) and environmental awareness (Friends of the Forest). 

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