DIY Ovossauro: cria um terrário para o teu dinossauro

Did you know that 65 million years ago the earth was inhabited by dinosaurs? Some were huge, up to 30 metres tall and hatched from eggs, just like today's reptiles. Do you want to know more about dinosaurs? Then this activity is for you

The kit ambarscience Ovosaurus kit thas three eggs from six possible groups that you will learn about: the Sauropods, the Ornithopods, the Theropods, the Thyreophora, the Ceratopsids and the Pachycephalosaurs. Which group will the dinosaur in the egg that is about to hatch belong to? Once you've found out, we'll teach you how to create a terrarium for it


Materials required:


Let's get to work:

  1. Open your Eggsaurus kit and take out one (or more!) Jurassic egg. Inside this egg is a dinosaur from one of six possible groups. It won't be long before you find out which one!ovossauro numa cesta
  2. Put the egg in a glass with water. Make sure that the egg is completely covered with water. Over the days, the water will make your dinosaur grow and the egg will hatch! This process takes about 3 days. ovossauro a nascer
  3. To make the terrarium, choose a large jar. After washing it well (you can use an unlabelled canning jar or a plastic jar), fill the bottom of the jar with the stones and the dried moss. This will be the floor of your terrarium!
    ornamentos terrário
  4. Place the already formed dinosaur in the centre of the jar. Then, decorate the space around it with natural ornaments such as leaves or dried flowers, acorns, sticks or whatever you like! It's important to choose dry ornaments, so that they don't decompose inside the jar. You can bury them in stones so that they stay in place.

 dinossauro no terrário

And that's it! Your Jurassic egg has hatched to become an incredible dinosaur that already has a terrarium where it can live happily. This is a Brachiosaurus and belongs to the Sauropod group, dinosaurs with a long neck that fed on plants. Find out more about these and other dinosaurs in the book that comes with the Ovosaurus kit!


If you create this terrarium, take a picture of the result and share it with us through our social networks with the hashtags #ambarscienceDIY and #babysitsDIY.

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