Do you remember writing a letter to Father Christmas with everything you wanted? The moment when you ticked off the catalogue the Christmas toys you wanted so much?

Christmas is a magical time for everyone, but especially for those who truly live this season: the little ones.

Suggestions of Christmas toys for the little ones

The Christmas season is the time to gather the family around the table for Christmas dinner, help those who need it most, give and receive much love... and gifts!

Among puzzles, educational toys, games, among others, whether for kids or adults, the choice of Christmas toys is quite varied. And then there are the doubts about what to give to children, nephews or grandchildren.

To help in this mission, ambarscience suggests you the best Christmas toys for the little ones at home. We are sure that this Christmas will be unforgettable!


1. Happy Fit (€24,99)

On Christmas night, board games are a must!

After dinner and lots of sweets, Happy Fit is the game that will get the whole family moving!              
Roll the dice and move forward on the squares. You have to do physical exercises to reach the finish line. Will you all be fit?


2. Soaps Atelier (€19.99)

Who doesn't love smelling good?

The Soap Atelier allows you to explore the fragrances and get creative! They'll have fun packing soaps like real professionals and personalising their packaging.

This is the right Christmas present to surprise everyone at home! 

atelier dos sabonetes

3. Grass (€4,99)

To help in the mission of convincing the little ones to switch off their screens and connect with nature, Relvinhas is one of the perfect Christmas toys.

By watering it, the grass will start to grow on their heads non-stop... until it's time to go to the hairdresser! You'll have fun making incredible hairstyles for your new friend.


4. The Queen Says (€6,99)

Who's the queen of the house?

We challenge the whole family to a card game after Christmas Eve. In the card game "The Queen Says" you have to obey the Queen and do as she says! This game involves cards, mime and lots of fun! Who will be the big winner?



5. Chef Pintarolas (€19,99)

For real aspiring cooks!

Chef Pintarolas is one of the most fun Christmas toys. With this cooking kit they'll have everything they need to make delicious recipes for biscuits, cupcakes and more. Yummy!



6. Eggspression Game (€6,99)

"Eyes there, mouth there!" could well be the motto of this game!

The "Eggspression" card game challenges anyone to imitate expressions as quickly as possible. This game is the perfect programme for Christmas Eve and promises moments of great family fun!



7. Smart Putty Brilha no Escuro (€4,99)

For the little ones at home, we have a very special glow-in-the-dark putty! With the lights off and a LED torch, Smart Putty comes to life and glows in the dark. These pastas will surprise you with their magical effect!


8. Fossilmania (€19,99)

Fossilmania is the perfect Christmas present for the little explorers! With this paleontologist's kit, they'll have fun creating fossils in kinetic sand and discover all about dinosaur fossils!


9. T-Rex Puzzle 3D (€39.99)

This is the ideal Christmas present for true fans of the Jurassic giants! Once built, this T-Rex has a mechanical system that allows it to move around! Little ones will have fun learning all about the fearful T-Rex. 


10. Memo Game: Desportos (€6,99)

Little athletes will love this Christmas present! The Memo Game will challenge anyone's memory and train their observation! They'll have fun finding their pairs and discovering all the sports! All the little ones at home will want to receive this Christmas present.


Now we are sure that Christmas shopping will be simpler. This dozen of toy suggestions will get you in the good graces of your children this Christmas!

Christmas is magic and lots of fun. The best Christmas toys are here, at

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