A importância dos brinquedos de bebé para o desenvolvimento

It´s a real joy to watch babies sitting on the floor while they move and play with their toys. It is exciting to see how their faces light up when they press a button and see that a light switches on or when a toy plays sounds.
At this stage of development, baby toys play a crucial role in healthy growth.

Baby's toys and his first discoveries

From birth, babies are sensitive to their environment and to everything that stimulates their senses: smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight. From the very first months of life they start to learn about the world around them.
It is true that babies' first toy is their body, and it is only after playing and exploring that their hands and feet become interested in toys.
With toys, babies will explore and learn each new shape, size, sound and texture.

These stimulate their motor, visual and cognitive skills by developing essential life skills such as:

  • Sensory skills;
  • Awakening their curiosity;
  • They learn the "cause-effect" relationship;
  • Strengthens fine motor skills;


The truth is that the most important thing in play is not the toys, but the time parents spend exploring and playing with their children.
Play, as well as stimulating your baby, provides them with pleasant moments of fun and interaction with their parents, creating emotional bonds that are important for their growth.


And because the first months of life are unforgettable we leave you some suggestions of toys ambarscienc

Baby toys for the first years of life

It is important that in the first year and a half, baby toys explore baby's visual perception and stimulate motor skills and hearing.
Toys that make sounds catch babies' attention and arouse their curiosity, as well as stimulating their hearing.


1. Xylophone

This Xylophone is the perfect baby toy for their first musical experiences!
With a drumstick and eight musical notes, this toy stimulates your baby's sense of hearing and strengthens their eye-hand coordination at the same time.
While they play, babies awaken their curiosity about sounds.

bebé a tocar Xilofone



2. Penguin

When shaken, the Penguin makes six different sounds and the lights come on when the sound is activated. Each key plays four different sounds.
This toy is ideal for arousing your baby's curiosity while stimulating his auditory perception.
The Penguin will be your baby's favourite toy and will provide moments of fun!

 bebé a brincar com Pinguim



3. Animal cubes

Bath time with your baby will be even more fun! The Animal Cubes are soft and safe sensory cubes that will strengthen your baby's eye-hand coordination.
They will entertain your baby at bath time and help them to coordinate their movements more accurately.

 bebé e cubos de banho animais

Sight is also one of the senses to be stimulated during the first years of life. From the first year, baby's sight is already practically developed.
We have the perfect toy that will show your baby a new world, with new colours and shapes.

4. My First Camera

My First Camera has a lens that will allow children to see magical patterns while stimulating their visual perception and awakening their imagination. This camera is perfect for them to play make-believe!
This wooden toy is safe and non-toxic.

 bebé a brincar com câmara

Around two years of age, psychologist Vera Ramalho recommends that babies play "with light toys, of various textures" and gives examples of toys for this phase as "fabric dolls made of non-toxic materials favour the touch". in Público

  At ambarscience you can find the right toy to help develop your baby's sense of touch.

5. My First Skills Book

This fabric book is ideal for babies to develop their eye-hand coordination and learn everyday tasks.
My First Skills Book contains 8 pages of activities such as matching shapes, buttoning or unzipping so your baby can learn while playing.

 bebé com livro de atividades

Now that you have discovered the importance of toys for your baby, it is essential to offer toys full of stimulation suitable for each stage of growth.
We are sure you will find the right choice at ambarscience for your baby to grow and learn while playing!

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